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About Us 

How does a grooming company come about? Why was Houndstooth created? If you're on this page, you're curious about the company. We love curiosity. Let's make this short and sweet. Houndstooth Grooming Company was created by twin brothers with two things in mind: Helping you and helping dogs. 

Houndstooth started when we realized a common issue. When it comes to men's grooming products, there were only a few brands that owned the market. Walk up and down any department store, and you'll know the brands we're talking about. Not only were there a small sample of grooming brands, but men's grooming in general was and still is confusing. What's medium hold? What if I don't want shine? What product will work best in my hair? (That might be the most important) These are all common questions a man might express to himself in deep thought when choosing the correct product.

We get it! You want to look good - bottom line. You don't want to spend an hour trying to figure out what a "Hold" of 3 means; Or what the difference is between a clay and wax. We're here for you! One of our missions is to make the process of choosing grooming products easier for you, the customer. We tell you upfront what you can expect. We don't use ridiculous names like "Dragon Paste" or "Unicorn Candy" to define the products that you use. You are the most important part of this process. We formulate our products with you in mind. We create products you'd like. We leave out all the junk chemicals you'd hate. We do this because we ARE you! Gone are the days of big name companies telling you what you "should" like. After all, what works for someone else, might not work for you.

In the previous two paragraphs, we used the word "you" eighteen times. I think its obvious who we think is most important!

So we went over why we're doing this, but we still haven't hit on one of the more important aspects of our foundation: dogs.
We created Houndstooth with you in mind. That much is true. So where do dogs fit in? We have always been "dog people." We believe that dogs bring people a certain joy that really can't be explained. Yet, over everything, we believe that there is no reason that all dogs shouldn't have a forever home. Dogs are truly amazing animals. They are companions. They love unconditionally. They deserve to be treated with the utmost amount of care and love. Our mission is to be there for all dogs. We work with charities and organizations who share in our cause. After all, when you don't have a voice, someone needs to step up and be heard.

You can find more about our mission on our Mission page!