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If We Had One More Moment - The Loss of a Companion

It's said that when a dog passes, they are taken to a place of paradise; a dog's Heaven. Here, dogs are free to roam without worry. Surrounded by other companions that have joined them, they play all day. They are in a place of ultimate happiness. If they were sick on Earth, they are free from pain. If they were old and fragile, they once again are young and energetic. Yet, there is one thing that doesn't change: the love they have for their best friends, their owners. 

Attaching this land of paradise to our Earth is a bridge; the Rainbow Bridge. As dogs (and other pets) play in their new home, they are reminded that across that bridge and down on earth, their owners are thinking about them. So the dogs will take a break from play and walk toward that bridge. They'll wait at the end in the hope that their owners will be there. If their owners are not there, they will once again go back to play in paradise with the thought that one day they will see their owners again. 

At last, the day will come when they travel across the bridge. They will sit at the end with the same hope as the days prior. Their ears will perk as they hear the sound of footsteps in the distance running in their direction. Excitement will strike them as they let out cries of happiness. And then, from around the corner, a familiar face. They'll quickly stand as their paws begin to pick up stride. And within a few short moments, they'll be in the arms of their best friend; the one they were waiting for. Side by side, they will cross over the bridge to be with their friend forever. 

So if your dog has passed, know that they are waiting for you. Know that they miss you. And know that one day, you will be reunited, and together you will travel across the Rainbow bridge to spend forever together.


"A Dogs Poem"

If we had one more moment
If we had one more day
I’d always be close
By your side’s where I’d stay

We would walk ’til forever
But the day would go fast
And I’d wish for more time
With each second that passed

If we had one more moment
Just a minute or two
Could you even imagine
All the things we would do?

You could throw that old ball
We could go for a ride
And when we got tired
I’d just rest by your side

If we had one more moment
One I wish wouldn’t end
I’d recall all the memories
With you, my best friend

Like the day we first met
Or the years that we shared
Or the moments you’d hold me
In times I was scared

If we had one more moment
If we had one more day
I’d crawl into your arms
And beg you to stay

Though the time would soon end
And again, I would pray
That I get one more moment
Just a minute or day

And I know that its hard,
I can see that you cry,
But in those short times
When asking God why,

Please know that I love you
Please know I’m okay
And I think of you always
And I miss you each day

So I’ll stay here and wait
One day you’ll be back
And you’ll walk toward the bridge
The one that I’m at

And I’ll meet you in stride
As I fight back the tears
How I’ve missed you so much
Through all these long years

I love you forever
And I’ll see you again
Though I don’t know how long
Though I don’t know just when

But someday you’ll be here
And together we’ll play
When we have one more moment
When we have one more day

-Houndstooth Grooming Company


  • – Ufisjiz Iobife

  • – Enreyu Satohikeb

  • – Iofohatna Ihwofeu

  • – Ewnisukeh Ukifudu

  • – Enauqitez Oziazeciz


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